In a world where environmental consciousness is increasingly becoming a priority, parents are seeking ways to raise their children with sustainability in mind. For the moderately granola parent – someone who values eco-friendly practices but also enjoys a balanced lifestyle – choosing toys that are both environmentally friendly and fun can be a rewarding endeavor. If you find yourself aligning with this mindset, you're in luck. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best eco-conscious toys that cater to the values of the moderately granola parent, offering both sustainability and enjoyment for your little ones.

Tender Leaf Toys

Tender Leaf Toys is dedicated to crafting high-quality wooden toys from sustainably sourced rubberwood. Their charming designs and attention to detail make each toy a delightful addition to any playroom. From imaginative playsets to educational puzzles, Tender Leaf Toys offers a wide range of options that inspire creativity while promoting eco-consciousness.

Haba Toys

Haba Toys is known for its commitment to both quality and sustainability. Using responsibly sourced materials and eco-friendly production methods, Haba creates toys that are not only safe and durable but also kind to the planet. From colorful wooden blocks to imaginative play figures, Haba Toys provides options that stimulate children's imagination while respecting the environment.


Gathre specializes in creating eco-friendly play mats and accessories that are both functional and stylish. Made from vegan leather that is free from harmful chemicals, Gathre products are easy to clean and built to last. Whether it's a play mat for indoor adventures or a picnic blanket for outdoor outings, Gathre offers practical solutions for eco-conscious families.

Gathre Pouf Menagerie Square

Connetix Magnetic Tiles

Connetix Magnetic Tiles offer endless possibilities for creative play while also promoting sustainability. Made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials, these magnetic tile sets encourage children to explore STEM concepts through hands-on construction and imaginative design. With their durable construction and vibrant colors, Connetix tiles provide hours of eco-conscious entertainment for children of all ages. 



Maileg's whimsical toys are not only charming but also environmentally friendly. From adorable stuffed animals to imaginative playsets, Maileg creates toys that spark imagination and foster creativity in children. By using natural materials and eco-friendly production methods, Maileg ensures that each toy is both safe for children and gentle on the planet.

For the moderately granola parent seeking eco-conscious toys for their little ones, options abound. From Tender Leaf Toys' sustainable wooden creations to Haba Toys' commitment to quality and sustainability, there are plenty of choices that align with both environmental values and a desire for quality play experiences. By investing in eco-friendly toys from brands like Gathre, Connetix, and Maileg, parents can nurture their children's development while instilling a sense of environmental responsibility – a winning combination for both the planet and future generations. So, embrace sustainability in playtime and watch as your child learns and grows, all while treading lightly on the Earth.

April 12, 2024 — Barbara Chernyukhin