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At Londji we strive every day to leave a better world to our children. Our priority is local manufacturing. In this way we avoid damage to the environment caused by the transport of goods from distant countries and we contribute to creating jobs and wealth in our environment.
The Londji team works under respectful economic conditions within a non-hierarchical structure. We collaborate with companies that promote the integration of people with different abilities and from less favoured social environments, generating wealth, not only economically but also socially in our environment. We promote diversity, avoiding any kind of discrimination based on gender or origin.
We use paper and wood of European origin from responsible sources, the cardboard used in our products is recycled, and the entire product is, in turn, recyclable. We have replaced the plastic inside the puzzles with cotton bags in which we can store the game or whatever we like.
We work every day to improve the sustainability of our products and we bet for a circular economy, in which materials are part of a continuous chain.