Movement is an essential component of childhood, offering a platform for personal development and self-expression through play. In this pursuit, Stapelstein® envisions a world where movement knows no boundaries of age or gender, seamlessly woven into everyday life in a manner that is both enjoyable and lighthearted, right from the earliest phases of childhood. Our goal is to nurture open-ended play through concepts and products that resonate authentically with children, enhancing their play experiences with depth and engagement.

Central to our ethos is the utilization of eco-friendly EPP (expanded polypropylene) in crafting our products. EPP stands as an exciting mono-material, its expansion process reliant solely on pure air and water vapor. This material is devoid of plasticizers, additives, or any extraneous substances, embodying our commitment to sustainable, safe play.

The versatile components that shape our creations are meticulously crafted in Germany, meticulously following a climate-neutral production process. Our dedication to responsible manufacturing echoes our belief in the harmony between play, growth, and environmental consciousness.


Are Stapelstein worth it?

Stapelstein Stepping Stones are a versatile gross motor toy suitable for indoor, outdoor, and water play. They inspire imaginative play with no set rules. This high-quality toy is suitable for all ages, from 1 year old and up, and is built to last.

What are Stapelstein stepping stones used for?

The versatile stepping stones can be used in various creative and intuitive ways by your child. They can stack them to build towers, use them as seats, or even play with them in water. The possibilities for play are endless. For a full list of ideas you can also purchase the Stapelstein play cards.

What are Stapelstein made of?

Stapelstein®is gender-neutral and cross-age children's toy that is safe for children 1 yr. + with parental supervision. The product is made of resource-saving EPP (expanded polypropylene). They are manufactured in Germany using only pure air and steam - no plasticizers, additives or other stuff.