The holidays are hectic, and with everything there is to get done, attend, and take care of sometimes it's hard to find the time to search for eco-friendly holiday gifts for kids. We hope this three minute read will take a little stress out of the holidays by providing eco-friendly toy recommendations.

Tip: Create a wishlist ahead of time

Have you been caught off guard when someone asks if there is something your child wants, needs, or is into with the intention of gifting? Me too, so I implemented a strategy for keeping a somewhat organized list of the perfect gifts for our kids. It's simple -- create accounts with your favorite stores and whenever you see an item you like, add it to your wishlist. It's not something you need to worry about keeping up with, but if  you see something you like you can simply add it to you wishlist. Throughout the year this will help you get good deals on items items you've been eyeing, as well as provide an easy-to-access shopping list you can send to friends and family. 

At Happy Gift Company we make creating a wishlist easy. You can use your email  or use your facebook, twitter, google, or amazon logins to create an account. While you're browsing our shop it's easy to add items to your wishlist by clicking the "add to wishlist" button on the toy detail page or the heart at the top of the main image on any other page.

In our store you'll find toys for kids from baby to about 10. Our focus is on curating high quality and eco-friendly toys that are powered by the imagination. Below are some of our top toy pics for this holiday season. 

Tip: Consider open-ended toys

As a parent and toy store owner my favorite toys will cross multiple age groups and allow kids develop their team works skills by encouraging them to work together. An open-ended toy is a toy that can be used in a variety of ways determined by the child, their interests, and their imagination. Examples of open-ended toys include: building toys, art supplies, playcloths and playsilks, and animal figures. 

Here are our picks for best eco-friendly open-ended toys this Holiday season. 

Connetix Magnetic Tiles - Magnetic tiles are a great open-ended toy for many age groups.The older your child gets the larger and more complex their builds will become. Therefore children of ages 3+ can enjoy this toy as a group or independently. They can build towers, marble runs, castles, and much much more. From mega packs, to car packs, from mini sets, to base plates, you will have many options at a multitude of price points to begin or add to your existing collection. 

What makes them eco-friendly? 

Connetix prides themselves on producing quality products that will last through many years of play in homes around the world. Their tiles are made using non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA, lead and Phthalate free. 

Connetix Magnetic Tiles Rainbow Marble Run

Wondercloths - These beautiful, hand-illustrated cloths are the perfect open-ended resource to inspire hours of self-directed play. From small world play to fort building, from dressing up to wrapping presents, children can dance with them, let them blow in the wind, tie them on a stick, wear them as capes or even hang them on the wall as a piece of art. Your child decides how to use the cloths, and that's where the magic lies.

What makes them eco-friendly? 

Wondercloths are certified by Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS), and they are hand dyed with non-toxic, planet and child-friendly colors.

Honeysticks Art & Bath Supplies - Unleash your child's inner Picasso with crayons, water colors, and bath crayons. Every product from Honeysticks holds something unique that will make using them a special experience. Their crayons smell amazing, their paintbrushes are especially made for little hands, and their bath drops and bath crayons create a canvas out of bath and water play. 

What makes them eco-friendly?

Honeysticks takes pride in using sustainable, recycled/recyclable and reusable ingredients and packaging throughout their entire production process.
The beeswax used to create Honeysticks is a natural by-product of honey production. The soywax is sourced from sustainable plantations in the USA. Bath crayon wrappers are made with printing stock produced from rock. All packaging can be recycled and reused.

Holztiger- Animal figures will help children develop appreciation and love of nature. They are made from solid maple and beechwood. Children can start or add to a collection of their favorite habitats including ocean, farm, serengeti, jungle themes and more!

What makes them eco-friendly?

These figures are handcrafted in Europe from sustainably-harvested maple and beech wood. The forms and decoration are deliberately simplified to better stimulate children's imaginations. After each figure is carefully cut and sanded, it is colored and sealed with water-based stains and finishes. Holztiger has also been awarded the "Spieg-Gut" seal. 

 A “Spiel Gut” (Good Toy) is awarded by a team consisting of parents, educationalists, psychologists, doctors, technicians, and experts in design, chemistry and electronics. When reviewing toys, the team looks at a toy’s play value, materials, workmanship, construction, durability, safety and so on. The reviewers for “Spiel Gut” work on a honorary basis and, are independent of the toy industry and retailers.

Tip: Consider closed-ended toys 

We also carry a great selection of close ended toys. These are toys with a clear purpose, and a clear beginning and end. They help kids develop problems solving skills, increase a child's attention span, and help children learn to follow clear directions. Examples of closed ended toys can include: puzzles, games, and books. 

Here are our picks for best eco-friendly close-ended toys this Holiday season. 

Roads Connecting Game - This roads game by Londji allows you to create over 1000 combinations of roads. You can choose to freeform or you can follow examples included in the instructions. The game includes trees, cars, and houses. The houses each has the story of who lives there included in the back, and the cars are 3 dimensional so you can drive them around your newly created route. Your child will be able to work on this puzzle for an extended period of time, and feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete their towns and routes. 

What makes them eco-friendly?

Londji pays special attention to the age group the child belongs to making toys and puzzles specifically for the abilities and development of the child. They comply with US and European toy safety standards and commit to using sustainable materials and respecting working conditions.

Londji Roads Game

Little Agenda Magnetic Wood Weekly Planner - It's a mouthful to say, but it is an easy and exciting way to introduce little ones to days of week, weekly tasks, and weekly schedules. Your child will love to plan out their week -- they will be excited adding playdates, school days, park visits and more to their weekly calendars. All magnets are concealed making the pieces more safe and aesthetically pleasing. This closed-ended toy is great for teaching children about routines and tasks in a way that is fun and engaging. 

What makes them eco-friendly?

They are crafted from sustainably grown timber. 

Weekly Magnetic Wood Agenda

Helga Kreft Wooden Hobbyhorse This handmade hobbyhorse will have your child galloping indoors and out! In addition to fun, it promotes your child's dexterity, balance and strength in a playful way. 

What makes them eco-friendly?

Hobbyhorse is made of steamed beech wood and painted according to DIN EN 71. Main is made of pure virgin wool, mane ears made of cowhide that is chrome-free. This toy has also been awarded the Spiel-Gut seal.


Wooden Hobbyhorse


Dino Explorer Puzzle - Once your child completes the challenge of putting together the puzzle, they can use the included cardboard wheels to become a mini paleontologist and discover more information about each species like what they ate, where they lived, and how large they were. 

Dino Explorer Puzzle

Whether you're looking for an open-ended or a closed-ended toy, we know you will find something special in our carefully curated collection of eco-friendly toys. You can easily create an account on our website and save the items you love to your wishlist for future use or to share with friends and family. 

October 09, 2022 — Barbara Chernyukhin