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In recent years, the world of educational toys has witnessed a revolutionary addition - Connetix Magnetic Tiles. These versatile and captivating building blocks have captured the imagination of children and...

Creative Ways to Use Connetix Magnetic Tiles for STEM Play

Magnetic tiles, also known as magnetic building blocks or magnetic construction sets, have become increasingly popular as a STEM toy for children in recent years. These colorful, magnetic shapes can...


In the ever-evolving landscape of children's toys, few playthings have captured the hearts and minds of both kids and educators quite like magnetic tiles. These seemingly simple yet endlessly versatile...

Connetix Magnetic Tiles

Connetix Tiles are meticulously crafted using non-toxic, BPA, and Phthalate-free ABS plastic, ensuring a safe and worry-free play experience for your child. They prioritize safety with ultrasonic welding and rivets, adding an extra layer of protection to these enchanting tiles. The unique bevelled design not only enhances their strength but also makes them remarkably scratch-resistant, guaranteeing years of joyous play.

Connetix Tiles are more than just toys; they are gateways to boundless imagination and growth! These open-ended toys are thoughtfully designed to adapt and evolve with your child. As they embark on their play journey, their creativity and skills flourish. A simple ball run created by a younger child transforms into a sophisticated masterpiece that involves intricate engineering for an older one.

Unlock the door to endless possibilities with Connetix Tiles. From early childhood to more advanced stages, these tiles grow with your child, empowering them to explore their creativity and push the boundaries of their imagination. Join us on this exciting adventure, where safety and innovation come together to nurture your child's development and create cherished memories that last a lifetime

Connetix are compatible with all major brands including Magna Tiles and Picasso Tiles


Get ready to immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors with the Connetix Tiles Rainbow Range! This delightful collection showcases an array of beautiful classic rainbow colors that ignite the imagination and inspire boundless creativity. The unique bevel design adds a touch of elegance to these tiles while enhancing their durability and safety, ensuring countless hours of worry-free play.

Made from premium, non-toxic materials, Connetix Rainbow Tiles are made with safety in mind. Spark your child's imagination as they embark on a journey of unstructured play, where the possibilities are as limitless as the colors of the rainbow. These versatile tiles open the door to a world of fun, where little hands can build, create, and explore to their heart's content.

With Connetix Tiles Rainbow Range, playtime becomes a captivating adventure filled with joy, laughter, and creative expression. Join us on this colorful voyage, where imagination knows no bounds, and cherished memories are crafted with every brilliant hue.


Discover a world of soft and soothing hues with the Connetix Tiles Pastel Range. This delightful collection features an exquisite palette of pastel colors, including enchanting shades of rose, berry, peach, mint, emerald, lemon, violet, and sapphire. Immerse yourself in the gentle beauty of these colors as you embark on an open-ended play experience like never before.

Let your imagination take flight as you build, create, and explore with the Connetix Tiles Pastel Range. From dreamy castles to whimsical landscapes, these tiles unlock a realm of endless possibilities. Whether you're a young artist or an experienced builder, these pastel gems will inspire your creativity and make playtime a truly magical experience.

Elevate your playtime to new heights with the Connetix Tiles Pastel Range. Step into a world of soft wonder where creativity knows no bounds. Join us on this captivating journey where imagination blossoms with every pastel hue!


Experience the sheer magic of the Connetix Tiles Clear Range, where transparency meets creativity! These extraordinary magnetic tiles feature clear, beveled edges, captivating young minds with their brilliance. With an array of enchanting shapes, they open the door to a world of boundless possibilities and imaginative play.

Step into a dazzling wonderland of creativity as you explore, design, and build with Connetix Clear Tiles. See your creations come to life as they take shape right before your eyes, creating a sense of awe and excitement. From stunning architectural structures to intricate patterns, the transparent nature of these tiles adds a touch of enchantment to your playtime.

Unleash your imagination and watch as it soars to new heights with Connetix Tiles Clear Range. Embrace a world of infinite possibility, where every idea finds form in the most delightful way. Let your creativity shine through as you embark on an extraordinary journey of fun and discovery with Connetix Clear Tiles.


Are Connetix Tiles compatible with other brands like Magna Tiles and Picasso tiles?

Yes, Connetix Tiles are compatible with most major brands like Picasso and Magna tiles. However, Connetix Tiles are made with stronger magnets than most other brands, so pieces from other brands may not hold together as well.

What is the difference between the rainbow and pastel range from Connetix?

The Connetix Tiles pastel range has eight different colors while the rainbow range has six. Therefore, most standard packs of pastel tiles have a larger number of tiles than their rainbow counterpart.

What is the best Connetix Tiles set to start with?

The mega packs are considered the ultimate starter pack since they include all shapes in every color. They do not include marble run pieces.

Are Connetix Tiles safe?

Our tiles are made using non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA, lead and Phthalate free. All tiles are also sealed and riveted for extra safety and our unique beveled design allows Connetix to be strong while creating beautiful clear refractions.

How many magnetic tiles should you buy?

Connetix offers Pastel, Rainbow, and Clear collections with starter packs of about 35 tiles. If you know your child will love their Connetix, then we recommend purchasing a pastel or rainbow mega pack. These packs include a wide range of shapes that will enable more complex builds immediately.